Today, take a breath and “check yourself at the door” before having a difficult conversation

Tim Ryan, Senior Partner and Chairman of PwC US, along with 175 CEOs, has created the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion. This cohort is the largest “CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace.” In Tim’s words: “Having difficult conversations about race, diversity, and inclusion won’t do any good if you don’t come at it with openness, empathy and a willingness to really listen. To do this, we have to realize that struggle is not mutually exclusive. Put simply, everyone goes through struggles in life. And while some communities and people definitely experience more suffering than others, it is a common bond that unites us. So in order to really listen and show empathy, we have to put aside our own defensiveness and our own issues so we can truly acknowledge the struggle and pain of others.

Read more about the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion here >

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