Racial Healing in the CFGD Region

Understanding the dynamics of racial equity and systemic racism in rural Iowa communities is a complex journey. These interactive conversations will give leaders in our small, rural towns knowledge and tools to apply in their work bringing the community together around what they have in common, not what divides them.

We will create a network of regional leaders committed to racial healing who will continue to be allies for each other as their rural communities build bridges and learn to communicate across culture.

We will be using tools developed for the Community Heart & Soul® process that are designed to do meaningful community engagement work in small rural towns, involve all voices, and bring people together around the things that matter most.

Session 1 :

Session 1 Evaluation – Access here

Rural Arts Anti Racism Meet Up – Watch here

Zoom Recording – Access here (Passcode: E#JueWM7)

Session 2 :

Session 2 Evaluation – Access Here

John Stewart Website – Access Here

Session 2 Zoom Recording – Access Here

Session 3 :

Session 3 Evaluation – Access Here

Session 3 Zoom Recording – Access Here (Passcode: r#3f?1Rf)

Session 4 :

Session 4 Evaluation – Access Here

Session 4 Zoom Recording – Access Here (Passcode: syNHi1@K)

Community Heart & Soul Seed Grant Program – Access Here

AllofUsDubuque Campaign – Access Here

Dubuque Cultural Resource Guide – Access Here

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