Network Partners

BackToSchoolBash_CMYK_19We invite you to learn more about our network!

Inclusive Dubuque is a vibrant and active peer-learning network of more than 50 organizations and individuals from faith, labor, education, business, nonprofit and government dedicated to advancing justice and social equity in our community.

Anyone can be a partner in the Inclusive Dubuque network. All of the network objectives are achieved through the efforts of the partners.

Network partners receive the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to connect with and learn from your peers
  • Opportunity to learn from experts in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion work
  • Access to cutting-edge updates to stay up-to-date on efforts in the community
  • Access to the Inclusive Dubuque network and peer-learning opportunities
  • Opportunity to actively participate in at least one Inclusive Dubuque sector group
  • Subscriptions to regular communications from Inclusive Dubuque, including newsletters and updates from network partners
  • Invitations to events and briefings held by partner organizations
  • Advance copies of Inclusive Dubuque and partner publications

To learn more about what it means to be an Inclusive Dubuque Network Partner, read the partnership document.

If you are an organization interested in joining the network, fill out this form.

If you are an individual interested in joining the network, fill out this form.