I’m a Dubuquer Podcast Series: Farris

Hi, my name is Farris Muhammed.

I have a PhD in Education Administration and Policy and have been in Dubuque for two years. Here in Dubuque, I appreciate people’s willingness to engage. A lot of people sacrifice a lot and are involved in a lot of ways, even outside of their professional realm.

I’m very passionate about equity especially racial equity, I know a lot of people tackle various forms of equity, but some people are a bit more hesitant to tackle issues of racial equity. There seems to be this fear, this concern about how to approach it, how do you enhance people’s knowledge of it. So for me, it is just how do we start to create awareness of some of the real barriers that are in place that cause a certain people to be disadvantaged? What does it require to remove some of those barriers? Viewing and seeing people as people, despite whatever title they may have or whatever stature they may have in society. How do you get to the point where you say people are people, despite class, gender whatever, sexuality, people are people.

In Dubuque, I am involved in a lot of things like the Black Man Coalition, mentoring kids in the high schools here, trying to visit some elementary schools—to get a sense of trying to be a model for the school. What does it mean for kids to see a positive black male role model, especially young black males? I enjoy connecting with a lot of the youth here, kids children, more races all genders all backgrounds, etc. I enjoy what I do here.

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