Finding Balance

My entire life I have struggled with finding balance—in everything: work and family, exercise and rest, strength and softness, learning and vulnerability, awareness and fear, justice and mercy. The older I get and the faster the world seems to go, the more visibly these tensions show up in my life; on my face, in my health, in the number of hours I can sleep each night, in the actions I do or don’t take.

Yet even as I become more aware of these tensions, and more so when I fail to hold the balance, the greater the opportunity for my own learning and growth and the more compassion and understanding I have for all of us as we negotiate this balance. Tensions become polarities; not to be overcome or solved, but to be danced with as an art form. So while the world often appears to be out of control, it’s also offering us opportunities to practice holding this balance for ourselves, and ultimately for each other. How do I react when I make a decision that harms others, and how might I respond to those who harm others through their actions? In all of these situations, how do I negotiate the polarities of justice and mercy, as well as learning and vulnerability?

I have had a lot of opportunities this month to practice dancing the polarities of learning and vulnerability, and of justice and mercy. It hasn’t been pretty, and I am doing it anyway. I’m inviting all of us to support each other, our partner organizations, and community members who are bravely getting on the dance floor. It will never be perfect, it will never be enough, and that’s okay. Thank you for dancing with me.

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