Diversity Straight Up: Moving past the low hanging fruit of color and gender in Northeast Iowa

Corridor Business Journal

Where do diversity, equity, and inclusion sit in workplace culture? What are the challenges with being real and authentic when living in Iowa and talking about race? Why might those who don’t consider themselves diverse become defensive?  Listen as Hosts Sarika Bhakta and Anthony Arrington talk with Corridor Business Journal Editor Adam Moore about the origins and ideas behind Diversity Straight Up, the four “tools” of talking about diversity, and what’s ahead for this new CBJ series. 

Sarika and Anthony on equity, diversity, inclusion, and engagement:

  • Equity – The process of getting to equal outcomes, giving somebody the opportunity to be their best selves, just like you.
  • Diversity – Diversity is differences. Whether geographic, leadership styles, facilities, political, socioeconomic, racial, gender, etc. The key is how to use it to leverage equitable processes and inclusive behaviors to get to heightened engagement.
  • Inclusion – You want to have a workplace culture where diversity is welcome.  If environments aren’t conducive to allow people to fully provide feedback and authentic perspectives then they will disengage. Inclusive cultures  are about mindsets and behaviors
  • Engagement – How we feel. How is your talent doing? If the heart is gone, then they are gone. One of the strongest predictors of engagement is belonging.

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