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Reflecting on Recent Events in Dubuque

On Wednesday, April 13, our community experienced an unacceptable act of hatred and ignorance. In a meeting of Inclusive Dubuque partners that same night, I was encouraged to hear the ongoing commitment to lift up our community and those affected by this isolated incident. It made me grateful for the network’s capacity to provide a […]

Celebrating Progress in the Inclusive Dubuque Network

A few days ago we sent out a survey to Inclusive Dubuque network members along with an example of how Dane County, WI, shares the work of partners in their community that are working on equity.  We are hoping to share your stories and celebrate the network’s progress in a similar way. Today there are […]

The Everyone’s Museum Membership Offers an Inclusive Museum Experience

The Everyone’s Museum Membership program started when a private donor had a young disabled family member who loved visiting the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. This donor believed that anyone who was disabled should have the opportunity to enjoy the museum, so, with the donor’s support, we started a fund to supply those with […]

Beyond Critiques of Black History Month

The arrival of Black History Month usually brings with it critiques and arguments from both Blacks and Whites on whether or not we should celebrate Black history this way. On one hand, there are those who think it is racist to focus any period of time on a single race. Then there are others who […]

From an Indian Reservation to Law School

  Jessie Big Knife is currently finishing up his undergraduate degree at Upper Iowa University and is in the process of applying to law schools. He shared this personal statement, part of his application packet, with his former professor Eric Eller, finance professor at Loras College, an Inclusive Dubuque Network Partner. I grew up on […]

The Path to Equity & Inclusion is Delicious – Changing the System Through Food

*Register today: Tri-State Local Food Summit – February 6th, 2016 The week Michael Brown was killed, I started working as the coordinator of ISU Extension’s Local Foods program in Dubuque County. In the following months, as my friends organized carpools to Ferguson to join thousands of grieving citizens calling for greater police accountability and the […]

Bridges out of Poverty Training

Sitting in a room filled with college students (much younger than me), I started a journey into what seemed to be another world, but a reality to many. The Bridges out of Poverty training began with a personal story: A single mother, taking a chance on the one option she had left, took a leap […]

Let Peace Begin With Me

I found myself tearing up last night…while watching a Microsoft commercial, of all things. In the commercial, Microsoft employees, along with the Harlem Youth Choir, stand outside Apple’s flagship store to serenade Apple’s employees with the Christmas carol, “Let There Be Peace on Earth.” At the end, Apple and Microsoft folks hug and wish each […]

November Network Update

A monthly update from the Inclusive Dubuque network coordinator I thought for sure that when it was time to write this month’s update, I’d be looking out my office window at a bleak landscape. Instead, I had to shut my shade a bit because the sun was so bright. What a difference a little sun […]