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Policy Link: Community Artists Envision a Thriving Baltimore without Displacement

Robust, democratically controlled community-based organizations have the capacity to drive development locally,” said Greg Sawtell, a leadership organizer at Baltimore’s United Workers. The human rights organization is gearing up for a month-long exhibition of the community’s multiple visions for local development, opening in September. The Development Without Displacement art show will highlight works focusing on […]

Policy Link: Equitable Innovation Economies: Cultivating Diverse Leadership and an Inclusive Start-Up Culture in Portland, Oregon

The Equitable Innovation Economies initiative is a multiyear effort led by the Pratt Center for Community Development in partnership with PolicyLink and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance to help cities pursue inclusive growth strategies to advance more equitable outcomes in their innovation and manufacturing sectors. Portland, Oregon, profiled below, is one of the four cities involved […]

Policy Link: Growing Good Jobs: How Urban Gardening Can Drive Workforce Development

Groundwork Denver is one of a handful of organizations nationwide that are using urban agriculture as a vehicle for economic opportunity in disinvested communities. In struggling neighborhoods where high unemployment, food deserts, and a dearth of green space so often go hand in hand, these organizations are braiding together strategic interventions to foster healthier, more […]