Our Vision

The Vision:
to have an informed, equitable and inclusive community where all people feel respected, valued and engaged.

What We Do

Inclusive Dubuque is a peer-learning network of partners committed to supporting an equitable and inclusive culture to meet the economic and cultural needs of our diverse community. The network works collaboratively to eliminate bias in our community. While this goal would be difficult for a single organization or individual to achieve, each network member contributes to an effective outcome. As a network we do the following:

  • provide baseline data and information to inform decisions and measure progress

  • support equity education opportunities

  • create and share equity tools

These efforts support:

Sector Groups

Community and network members lead these groups to address bias within three focus areas: education, arts and culture, and neighborhoods. Sector groups are guided by the expertise and lived experience of its members; data to learn and track progress; and the use of a racial/social equity lens to help guide decision-making.


Inclusive Dubuque offers peer-learning opportunities – including education, training and resources – to network partners to improve personal and organizational understanding of all types of bias and promote racial and social equity.