The Education Sector Group is working on equity in education; in particular, investigating methods to create a community-wide educational system that supports every person succeeding in school and life. The educational system is an eco-system; the seemingly disconnected or minor things impact the whole.

The group is also exploring the tools, education, and data that they can bring to the education sector as a whole.

The Inclusive Dubuque Education Sector Group believes they can contribute to the overarching Inclusive Dubuque goal of an “informed community where all people are respected, valued, engaged, and treated fairly” by focusing on several key indicators: high school graduation rates and education attainment.

The disaggregated data for high school graduation rates in Dubuque is telling: 91.49% of White students are graduating, while only 75% of Black students are graduating (2014).

Although the group realizes that there are many factors that impact high school graduation rates, they have decided to focus on the following specific strategies:

  1. Identify and eliminate the barriers in the k-12 educational system that impede educational success for any students
  2. Explore equity learning opportunities for teacher and staff development that will work to continually improve relationships between staff, teachers and students
  3. Review course materials to identify the percentage that are reflective of our current U.S. population
  4. Provide research that shows the impact on high school graduation rates when teachers and staff reflect our community population
  5. Explore why there are dismal numbers of African American students in AP/College tract courses
  6. Track and measure the number of schools who are implementing equity tools into their organizational structure and decision making

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Meeting Time*

First Wednesday of every month

Time: 3:30 p.m.

Location: McCarthy Center, Roshek Building, 700 Locust Street, Dubuque, IA

*Meeting times are subject to change, please contact Inclusive Dubuque at 563.588.2700 to confirm.