Sector Groups


Inclusive Dubuque has formed sector groups to understand and tackle equity-related challenges in education, economic wellbeing, transportation, safe neighborhoods, health, housing and arts and culture. Community members have joined these groups and are currently digging into the results of the equity profile to take action. These groups meet monthly to identify priorities, measurable indicators and partners and programs that can be engaged to affect change.  Sector groups are currently learning a process called Results-Based Accountability (see sidebar) in an effort to better understand how we can track our progress. Since December 2015, 91 people have joined working groups and that number continues to grow as members identify voices missing from the conversation.

To move forward, Inclusive Dubuque needs to hear from community members from all walks of life to help us understand the current landscape in Dubuque and what our community has to offer. To do this, we are using a community- involvement strategy called Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). This strategy is founded on the belief that everyone has gifts, everyone has something to contribute, and everyone cares deeply about something, which motivates him or her to act. This inclusive process will help us to bring together Dubuque’s many great programs and resources as we move toward a more equitable and inclusive community.

Sector groups are open to anyone who is interested. If you see a topic you are passionate about and would like to join a group or learn more about this work, contact Katrina Farren-Eller ( or Erica Ysquierdo ( at 563.588.2700. For meeting times and details on what each group is working on, click on the group pages at the right.