October Network Update

Danville Group

Leaders from Danville, VA, learned more about the Inclusive Dubuque Network after a group session at John Deere Dubuque Works.

A monthly update from the Inclusive Dubuque coordinator

Happy fall! The weather continues to be amazing and this past month at Inclusive Dubuque has also been great!

Last week we also hosted a group of amazing leaders from Danville, VA, who wanted to learn more about the Inclusive Dubuque Network and the work we are doing here. The key takeaway for me was that the amazing work being done in Dubuque around equity and inclusion is not done in a vacuum: it takes an entire community working together with the common goal of assuring that all who live here have equal access to a vibrant and healthy quality of life. I’ll share more about the visits we made on our blog, but here is the group after a wonderful session at John Deere.

We are putting the finishing touches on the equity profile summary, which will be housed on the Inclusive Dubuque website. The summary will be the focus of the afternoon sessions of the Diversity Summit as we ask participants to identify what issues matter most to them. We have enlisted the help of Everyday Democracy to help train facilitators on this process of identifying priorities. Thank you to all the facilitators who participated in the training!

For inclusion and equity,
Katrina Neely Farren-Eller

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