Telegraph Herald: Letter: Justice for Blacks, Does Not Deny Whites


I recently argued with my cousin about the events in Ferguson, Mo. She said I implied she was racist and claimed, “If you’re white, you’re wrong.” This letter is for every whiter person who feels polarized in a racially polarized debate. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When black people are protesting across America, they are not protesting against white people. Black communities are protesting systems of injustice and inequality. Responsibility isn’t that same as culpability.

Telegraph Herald: Our Opinion: Next Ferguson? Dubuque Taking Preventative Steps


Whether or not they have said it aloud, many Dubuque-area residents probably have thought the same thing in the wake of events in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City: “That could happen in Dubuque.”

The assessment isn’t wrong. Ferguson and New York don’t particularly have much in common.

Citizens and civic leaders could sit back and worry and fret about what could happen. Or, they could be proactive. They could face racial concerns head-on and start the dialogue now — before there are ugly incidents, severed relationships or, worst of all, lives lost.

That’s exactly what Dubuque leaders are trying to do, and there is a role for everyone in this movement.

Telegraph Herald: Saturday’s March Not a Protest, NAACP Organizer Says


The Dubuque chapter of the NAACP aims to promote justice and equality issues Saturday with a peaceful march.

The walk from Jackson Park to Washington Square is not a protest, said Anthony Allen, President of the local chapter. Rather, he hopes the event will build connections in the community and allow residents to discuss issues affecting equality and justice in Dubuque and nationwide.

A Letter to Fellow Mission Partners

Inclusive Dubuque Partners, As we follow the events in Ferguson, many of us involved in Inclusive Dubuque are asking questions and thinking about our own community. Last night, President Obama addressed the nation after it was announced that Darren Wilson would not be indicted. In his remarks, he talked about America’s long-standing struggle with race […]

SPIRIT Alive in Cedar Rapids

On September 25, I had the privilege of accompanying Inclusive Dubuque and the City of Dubuque Human Rights staff as a facilitator for the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) event held by Cedar Rapids Washington High School (CRW). Earlier in the year, a student fight had received […]

My Day as a Volunteer

I volunteered to help with the Speak Your Peace booth at the Dubuque Farmers’ Market. Farmer’s Market is my favorite because of all the different and unique booths that range from training dogs to baby clothing, gifts and fresh foods and veggies.