My Day as a Volunteer

I volunteered to help with the Speak Your Peace booth at the Dubuque Farmers’ Market. Farmer’s Market is my favorite because of all the different and unique booths that range from training dogs to baby clothing, gifts and fresh foods and veggies. 

While I was there, I met a new friend named Artayzia. Artayzia told me about her job at the Multicultural Family Center, her school and how much she enjoyed working with Speak Your Peace. I was glad to know that someone else shared my interest in Speak Your Peace as a creative way to spread the word about civility. We also told many people about Speak Your Peace. Most of them asked questions and all of them were interested.

When we were done, we decided to take the last 15 minutes or so to look around. We spent most our time at my favorite station, F.I.D.O, a nonprofit that trains dogs. Eventually they asked us about what we did, and so we told them about Speak Your Peace.

When we were finally ready to leave, I decided to take a breath and look around. What I saw were people like us. People who enjoyed what they were doing and were trying to spread the word about something they believe in.

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