Is Dubuque an Equitable Community? 

Inclusive Dubuque defines a community as equitable when all residents, regardless of their race/ethnicity/nationality, neighborhood of residence, or other characteristic, are able to fully participate in the community’s economic and cultural success, and are able to connect with its assets and resources.

To determine if the Dubuque community is equitable, we first need to understand the challenges faced by diverse groups within Dubuque. Facilitating a community Equity Profile will help us reveal the impact of the rapidly changing demographics in our community and determine our strengths and opportunities.

An equity profile is a process that evaluates how diverse groups are affected by various systems in our community. This process will help identify Dubuque’s areas of strength and opportunity, which will help us to set priorities to take action. This will enable the community to ensure that policies, institutional practices, programs, planning and budgetary decisions promote inclusion and equity among all groups.

Beginning in February 2015, the Inclusive Dubuque network will host monthly community dialogues to gain input, opinions and possible solutions from community members. Each month’s dialogue will concentrate on one focus area:

Is Dubuque an Equitable Community

You can get involved in this process by participating in community dialogues to share your perspectives, opinions and possible solutions for each focus area. These dialogues will be an opportunity for our community members to share experiences, stories of opportunity and practices already taking place.  We encourage everyone to sign up to receive the Inclusive Dubuque newsletter to be notified of the times and dates of future community dialogues.


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