Equity Education

Helping network partners learn about equity and inclusion is a core function of the Inclusive Dubuque Network. We provide tools, resources and learning opportunities to support the advancement of equity and inclusion in the community.

Speakers and Trainings

Inclusive Dubuque will facilitate and support learning opportunities including speakers and trainings within the region that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. We encourage you to check the events page to see a listing of upcoming opportunities.

Tools and Resources

The Peer-Learning Council (PLC) has developed various toolkits that will help you when you are ready to engage in advancing equity and inclusion in your organization or individually. Visit the tools and resources page to see a full listing of toolkits and other resources available to you to get you started.

Best Practices in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Peer-Learning Council developed this nine-month, peer-learning workshop as an opportunity for participants to learn about and engage in best practice for diversity, equity and inclusion. Each session is led by local diversity educators and practitioners who discuss best practice strategies and leave participants with tools and processes to put into immediate practice within their own organization. At the end of the nine months, participants are asked to present on a project they have created that utilizes the skills learned throughout the workshops to support their organization’s equity and inclusion goals. Topics covered include:

  1. Return on Investment
  2. Key Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Concepts
  3. Leading Organizations Through Change
  4. Organizations and Culture
  5. Meeting Organizational Goals: Intent vs. Impact
  6. Culture and Communication: What Skills are Needed?
  7. Recruitment Strategies
  8. Retention Strategies

The current session started in August 2018 and will conclude in May 2019. If you are interested in participating in a future session of this series, contact Clara Lopez Ortiz at clara@dbqfoundation.org to receive updates.