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One of the most critical elements for a family’s wellbeing is an affordable, safe, energy-efficient home that accommodates their fundamental needs. In addition to a family’s wellbeing, housing also plays a key role in economic development, job creation, quality of life and increase in population. Communities that have experienced substantial growth and economic prosperity have offered a balance of safe, affordable housing to all segments of the community. Read more about the Community Equity Profile and our process →

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  • Racial/Poverty Concentrations by Neighborhood

    This map indicates racial/ethnic diversity, poverty concentration and average income for each neighborhood in Dubuque (based on census tracts). FROM THE SURVEY: There were no direct comments related to this topic in the survey data. FROM THE DIALOGUES: There were very few comments made at the community dialogues about racial concentrations of poverty. Some Black […]

  • Access to Quality Housing

    This data shows the number of households identified as having one or more problems, or no problems (as defined by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). While this data was broken down by race/ethnicity, it became apparent after closer review that housing problems corresponded to socioeconomic status rather than race/ethnicity. For this reason, […]

  • Home Ownership vs. Rent Occupied

    Home ownership vs. rent tenure in Dubuque is less than the state average. Homeowners comprise 65.7% of the population, compared to 34.3% of the population that rents. FROM THE SURVEY: Results indicate that individuals in Dubuque would prefer to own a home. Of those who identified as renters (29.43%), 67.11% say they are not living in […]

  • Housing Affordability by Income Group

    In Dubuque, there are 2,585 households earning less than 30% AMI. (AMI stands for Area Median Income. A family of four earning less than $23,850 would be earning less than 30% AMI.) There are 610 housing units affordable to households earning less than 30% AMI, which is less than a quarter of the units needed to house […]

  • Housing Affordability

    Housing is considered affordable when costs do not exceed 30% of the household’s income. The 2012 American Community Survey showed 77% of homeowners and 46% of renters in Dubuque lived in housing they could afford. In Dubuque, Black and Asian populations tend to be the most cost burdened with 29% of Blacks and 36% of Asians […]