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2019 Annual Report

From preparing our future workforceto supporting the well-being ofour families, the challenges facingDubuque can be complex.That’s why the CommunityFoundation of Greater Dubuqueexists. We are an organization thatbrings people together to solvecomplex social problems and makeour region a better place for everyone. Read more

Being Latino and Hispanic in Dubuque

When we refer to a person as Hispanic or as a Latino, Latina, or Latinx, those terms usually conjure certain expectations and assumptions. But the truth is that there is an immense diversity among these groups. In Dubuque alone, there is an incredible richness in the number of countries, cultures, and traditions that fit under […]

We Welcome Everyone Posters

The Inclusive Dubuque Network recently created this poster to distribute throughout the community. We have seen versions of this concept around the country lately, all with a message of being welcoming and inclusive of everyone. We would love to see these posters out in storefronts, businesses, homes, and more. The message is really about letting […]