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Telegraph Herald: Dubuque LGBTQ panel focuses on identity’s impact in the workplace

BY: JEFF MONTGOMERY  About three years ago, Gary Churnovic moved from the Chicago area and began working in Dubuque. It didn’t take him long to determine diversity isn’t exactly in Dubuque’s DNA. “It is very homogenous,” Churnovic said, recalling his initial impression of the city. “There isn’t a lot of inherent diversity built in here. […]

Next City: Black Lives Matter Policy Agenda Looks a Lot Like a Playbook for Inclusive Cities

On Monday, Aug. 1, NESRI and dozens of other organizations, working beneath the Movement for Black Lives (MFBL), debuted a six-piece platform that outlines what the United States should do to address the well-documented disparities faced by black communities in health, employment, education, criminal justice and housing. Read more >